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We're quite good at moving data, people and stuff around the world.

But we're making a mess of getting ourselves and our goods to/from home!

If the internet can bring any type of data into our homes and a container ship can carry almost any type of cargo round the world...

...why do I have one milkman, one postman, ten delivery companies, four supermarket vans, one newspaper boy, one dustbin lorry and one recycling cart going down my street dozens of times a week between them yet I can't get my post before breakfast or a pizza delivered?

Shipping Containers...

...changed the way we live by revolutionising the long distance transport of goods:

  • by standardising the way goods travel long distances
  • so a single shipping infrastructure can carry just about anything.

The Internet...

...changed the way we live by revolutionising the transport of data:

  • by standardising the way data is transmitted and received
  • so a single data network can carry voice, video, documents etc.

The Localnet...

... will change how we live by revolutionising the transport of goods & people to & from home:

  • by standardising the way “stuff” and people reach or leave our homes
  • so a single service can deliver or collect just about anything or anyone, anytime.

The “localnet” is not a company or a product. It is a “transport revolution”

By providing sustainable, affordable, quality transport of goods and people within a local neighbourhood, it presents highly desirable long term solutions to many of today's burning political issues, including:

  • Reducing congestion and oil consumption by offering a real alternative to the car.
  • Significantly reducing waste by changing the way we shop for food.
  • A better approach to refuse collection and recycling - without a yard full of bins.
  • Better safety, security and care services and more opportunities to work from home.
  • A real future for the Post Office - and other services that really need to change.
  • More varied and rewarding careers for postmen, milkmen, delivery drivers and many others.
  • The sort of doorstep delivery service currently only available in the likes of central Manhattan.